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Being an authorized registered Education & Training Division of an agency which is a Govt.of U.P. Undertaking, the institute is entitled to conduct ‘CORPORATE TRAININGS’ in government offices, as per the approved government order.
The other sector being addressed includes the corporate and the semi –govt. sector that has large manpower pools to train. The curriculum has been evolved to cater a large range of people with diverse requirements from entry level literacy programs to advanced courses on the state-of –the –art technologies and platforms.
In our corporate training programs, we emphasize on a course schedule that achieves following objective for the corporate:
Training should align with the business plan and address the core competencies of your business
It is necessary that training outcomes strengthen the job environment and organizational practices but vice-versa is obligatory as well.
Knowledge management and self-directed learning should be integral part of the training/learning processes
We ensure that Training process is effective, efficient and is properly staffed, organized, and managed.
We have feedback systems to monitor business plans, performance problems and training results.
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