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Point of GD
An elaborate effort is made to ensure that you are well equipped to handle all the aspects of live project covered. An in depth information pool is created for each project, thus ensuring your high success rate in terms of understanding of the project and there by securing higher grades.
On Technology
About the Technology
Reason to use the Technology
Comparison with Other Technologies
Reason for using any specific Front End Tool in Chosen Technology
Strong Featuresof      using any Technology
Advantages and disadvantages of Technology
Hardware and Software Requirements for using any Technology
About the Compatibility and Flexibility of Technology
On Back End Tool
About the Database
Reason to use any Specific database as Back End
Used database Features
Database Security
Various Transact SQL-Statements
Client-Server Architecture
Interaction of Database with Application.
Describe the Project briefly
What is the Objective of your Project?
Is your Project Existing ? If Yes Give its Little Description.
What new can be done? If it is Existing.
What are Problems in Existing Systems? Are those Solved in it?
What is the Reason to Choose that new Topic?
How you Collect the Information regarding that new Project?
How do you analyze the Project?
What is SDLC?
Which Model is used? And Why?
What is Module? Describe the Modules Involve in your Project.
Describe the Flow and Process Logic.
Describe the Technology which you are going to use.
How it is better than other?
What is Front End and Back end? Describe briefly.
Why you have Chosen this front End tool?
Why you have Chosen this database as Backend?
Describe Database Designing.
Describe  Normalized Data structure and Schema
Describe the Constraints.
What is CS-Architecture?
What programming Pattern are you following?
How have you Designed your Project? Which Designing Tools are used?
How do you Optimize the Codes?
Which type of Testing have you done?
What are Hardware and Software Requirements?
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